Our Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our priority, even if you are not satisfied with the services provided by us or if you found that our services are not able to resolve your Alexa-related problem, we will process refund for the money you paid to us. Once we receive a refund request, it will take 7-10 business days (only if it is applicable) for the completion of the whole process.

How to request for a refund?

Refunds will be processed only after we receive a request from you on our registered email or support numbers from the registered email ID stored in our records. For requesting a refund, please shoot an email to us at info@amazonalexasupports.com.

You cannot request a refund under following conditions:

We would not entertain a refund for the service already completed by our support team.

There is no refund on the service that gets cancelled due to violation of our terms

For subscription based plans:

A complete refund will be processed if alexasupport has not been able to resolve even a single issue related to your Alexa device within first 15 days of the subscription.

If one or more issues are resolved by our experts, no refund will be initiated for the fees of subscription service.

For Incident based plans:

You may request a refund when any of the below mentioned criterions are met:

You were having all the prerequisites that were needed to troubleshoot your problem and your issue was not fixed till the time your account was active.

The issue you wanted the fix for is out of scope for the particular plan

15 days have not yet passed after the issue was fixed by our technicians

Changes to this Refund Policy

alexasupportskyfi reserves the right to update or otherwise modify this Refund Policy, at any time and without notice, by posting update or modification at the Refund Policy page on the Website. Any update or other change shall be effective immediately upon such posting. Therefore, we suggest you to review this Refund Policy from time to time to determine if it has been modified.


For any refund related queries, Call us on toll free number 1-888-530-4288 or write to us at info@amazonalexasupports.com.

We believe that most of the money backs can be evaded. Please feel free to contact our certified and expert technicians to get assistance in any technical issue you might have faced with.

Suggestions and Feedback

We do welcome your feedback and suggestions, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the services given. As, this helps us to improve the services we offer to our customers. Keeping your feedback in mind, we’ll ensure that you get completely satisfied with the services or support given by our team.