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Google Home is a state-of-the-art voice-activated smart home speaker launched by Google which also doubles up as a smart home control device by connecting to an entire range of next-gen smart home gadgets through its in-built Google Assistant. You can stream music, videos through this smart device and manage your daily schedule along with a bunch of things. Basically, its comprehensive capabilities put you in total control of your space and makes entertainment that much more enjoyable.

With a view to enhance the user value, extensive customer support services have been provided to handle any possible technical queries related to Google Home. The support is staffed with expert technicians who can be approached at Google Home phone number USA round-the-clock for easy resolution of issues.

Here are some of the issues faced with Google Home along with simple self-help tips:

Problems in Connecting to Wi-Fi Connection: Here are some of the simplest causes and fixes for this:

• Device is placed too far from the Router: If the device is not placed within range of wireless signal from the router or almost on the edge of network, there can be issues with connectivity.

• Interference from Other Devices: Other devices including Bluetooth, TVs or microwaves can also interfere with the network signal on your device and cause issues with connectivity. Reposition the router or your device in such a way that no devices are able to interfere with its functioning. If this kind of issue remains unresolved, it is better to seek expert assistance at

Google Home support number USA.

• Devices Needs to be Reset: Sometimes this problem might occur even with the device sitting next to router. In such a case, the simple solution is to reset the device and see if it works properly. Most of the times, after you reset the device, it would be able to connect effortlessly. Steps to Reset:

• Launch the Google Home app on a connected device and select Devices in upper-right corner.

• Select Home device and then tap on the 3 dots in upper-right corner.

• Select Settings, then select More before tapping on Reboot.

• To go for a hard reset, simple unplug the device and leave it disconnected for a minute before reconnecting the device and turning it back on. This should fix the issue, but if none of these issues work as intended, you should perhaps look for technical support at

Google Home contact number USA.

Google Home Not Responding to Voice Commands: First thing is to ensure that the mic is on. If there are 4 lights turned on, it means the mic is off. Use button on back of the speaker to turn on the mic and then give voice command.

• Speaker is on, but still no Response: It could be a case of nose interference from other sources and usual suspects could be the dishwasher, air vents and other possible things. Persistent background noise can interfere with voice recognition and response system on your device.

• There might be multiple Users: If one person is able to access voice-based response system on the device but another is not, it definitely is something you can resolve easily. Go to Google Home app and select the card which says Multi-user is available. Choose Link your account and then utilize the voice training capabilities of your device to let it get used to voice of the second user. If the issue still remains, then it should perhaps be referred to professional technicians at

Google Home helpline number USA.

It must be kept in mind that although Google Home comes with an array of features and capabilities, it is essential to get into a learning mode and go through as many tutorials available and explore all the options available in the first few weeks after buying this amazing device. This will help you deal with most of the issues and understand intricacies which would help you navigate the settings and controls on the device better. Still, if there are any technical issues, you are always recommended to seek expert help at

Google Home customer care number USA