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Echo Connect functions much like a voice-controlled speakerphone which can be connected to your phone including landline connection and assist in making calls to any number including landline and emergency numbers. This is an auxiliary Echo device solely dedicated to the landline function which enables you to make calls from an existing Echo speaker. Yes, you need to get hold of an Echo speaker independent of this device and then you can make calls using that speaker. Though this device is rather limited in functionality unlike other Echo devices, still in case of any technical queries, users can easily seek expert assistance at Echo Connect phone number USA.

Here are some technical issues often faced by users with this device:

Unable to Make Calls with the Device: This is the most common issue which is primarily due to improperly configured device. It would be best to follow the steps outlined in support material but here are a few steps:

• The device is meant to work with both landline and VoIP. First you connect the device to your Wi-Fi network and phone jack or VoIP adapter, next set up the device with the help of Alexa app.

• After it is connected and working properly, you can ask Alexa through an existing Echo speaker to make a call to specific people on your contacts list. When you call this way through Echo Connect, people on the other end of the line would see your home phone number. If there is something amiss and the issue persists, you may seek expert help through

Echo Connect support number USA


If these steps have been followed without any problems and still you are unable to make a call, it means that there is some technical issue with either the Echo speaker or Echo Connect device which might be causing the problem. However, before you start thinking about possible technical issues, first try to call directly from your phone to see if it just might be an issue with your phone service provider.

If everything seems fine, then check for properly connected power adapter and reset the device which might resolve the issue. If nothing works, then get in touch with technicians at

Echo Connect contact number USA


Alexa Doesn’t Respond to Commands: Another similar issue is faced with Alexa unable to respond to voice commands when trying to make a call, although it should be rather simple. This issue is not specific to this device, but common to all Echo devices. There can be several issues responsible:

• You might be speaking too slowly or giving too complex command: This is the most common issue faced by users while accessing Alexa voice-based command system and simple solution is to speak clearly and from a distance close enough for it to be able to comprehend and respond properly. It must also be kept in mind that it’s designed to respond to rather simple commands and may not be able to understand or respond to complex commands. If you are sure that there is no such issue then you might need some technical assistance from folks at

Echo Connect helpline number USA


• Too much background noise: Alexa voice-response system can be sensitive to background noise and if there is a persistent sound in the background, it might interfere with Alexa’s voice-response system.

• Reset the Device: This is the simplest but at times one of the most effective fixes. Simply reset the device and you might just find all these issues fixed already and device working properly.

• Problems in Recognizing Voice of a Specific User: In case if such an issue occurs, which is not common if you are speaking clearly, then it must be remembered that everyone has a unique voice pattern. To enable Alexa to better recognize and respond to the voice of a specific person and to accept a wider range of commands, you need to utilize the voice training capabilities of Alexa.

These are only some of the issues possible and users would do well to seek expert advice on all these and other issues through

Echo Connect customer care number USA