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Amazon Tap is a more compact and portable version of the original Echo device which offers the entire range of smart speaker capabilities and can be connected to smart home devices just like Echo Plus among other things. It is battery-powered which allows greater mobility but you need to tap on a button on the smart speaker and then only you can give voice commands. To ensure that any technical issues affecting the performance of this device are resolved quickly and efficiently, a comprehensive support system has been put in place. In case of any problems, one can easily get in touch with support technicians at Amazon Tap phone number USA for complete assistance.

Here we would try to outline some of the most common issues encountered while using this device:

Amazon Tap Turns Off Repeatedly or Randomly: There can be several reasons why this is happening with your device.

1. Reset Amazon Tap: At times, it would simply be a matter of being temporarily unresponsive due to some power-related issues and resetting the device might help solve the problem.

• Press and hold “Previous” and “Wi-Fi/Bluetooth” button for 12 seconds

• The light indicator on your device should turn to orange and then blue.

• Wait for the light indicator to show device has been turned off and then turn it on again.

• When light indicator turns orange again, the device would enter Setup Mode.

• Open Alexa app and try connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account.

If resetting the device doesn’t solve the issue, then either try the next fix or look for expert help from support professionals at

Amazon Tap contact number USA.

2. Software is not Updated: Another possible reason could be that some critical software updates have been missed, which are meant to boost performance of Alexa and as a result, the device is facing power-related issues.

Look for current software version:

• In Alexa app, select “Menu,” then go to “Settings” and select your device.

• Scroll down to “Device Software Version” located under “About” section.

• Here you will find current software version listed near bottom of the page.

Steps to update software:

• Connect Amazon Tap to a Wi-Fi network.

• When the light indicator on your device will pulse blue, it means that update is ready.

• Update software and take care to not give any voice commands or using Alex app during the update.

• Software update can take upto 15 minutes depending on the strength of Wi-Fi connection.

This should resolve the issue in most cases, however, if power issue is still there, then it would be better to ask technicians at

Amazon Tap support number USA

for a perfect resolution.

Amazon Tap Not Connecting to Bluetooth: There can be many different reasons behind a bad Bluetooth connection:

• Device is not Properly Charged: It might simply be that your device is not charged properly which is causing the problem. Check for any issues with power adapter and if it is plugged in correctly into the power outlet.

• Interference from other Devices: it could be possible that there are some other devices in vicinity which emit wireless signals interfering with Bluetooth connection and causing the issue. Reposition the device away from those other devices to resolve the issue. For detailed assistance on how to resolve such issues, one can refer to support material or contact technical experts at

Amazon Tap helpline number USA


• Device Needs a Hard Restart: You may simply need to press down on the power button for 5 seconds and wait till the light dims and the device turns off. Restart the device and try connecting the Bluetooth device again.

• Device needs to be Restored to Factory Settings: If nothing else works, one might try and restore the device to factory settings to see if some incorrect settings might have caused the Bluetooth connectivity issue.

These are only some of the issues faced by users but it’s also important to understand the features and limitations of the device at length before contacting

Amazon Tap customer care number USA